Screen Recordings

All new Lightwork users should look at the Preparation recordings. Teachers in charge of an assignment, called 'Marking Managers' in Lightwork, should go through all Main Steps recordings. For marking assistants, who follow the marking instructions of the teacher in charge, called 'Markers' in Lightwork, it is enough to look at the Main Steps in Marking Perspective recordings.

The perspectives in Lightwork are selected via the tabs in the upper right Lightwork window.



Creating Connection between Lightwork and Moodle

Synchronizing Data between Lightwork and Moodle

Main Steps in Management Perspective

Creating a Marking Rubric (Overview)

Creating an Analytic Marking Rubric

Creating a Holistic Marking Rubric

Allocating Markers

Management Overview Table

Main Steps in Marking Perspective

Starting Marking

Downloading Student Work


Marking Overview Table

Passing Marking to Marking Manager

Main Steps in Release Perspective

Release Overview Table

Reviewing Marking

Releasing Marking Results

Further Information on Specific Topics

The Team Assignment

The Lightwork PDF Annotator

Exporting Marking Results into Spreadsheet File

Last Update: Dec 2010