Lightwork Version 3.1.2 application downloads (download and follow the installer instructions):



If you are upgrading from a Lightwork version prior to 3.1.1 you need to uninstall Lightwork before running the installer.

If you already have Lightwork 3.1.1 or later you can upgrade from within Lightwork. Start Lightwork, go the the Help menu, choose 'Check for Updates' and follow the instructions.

Lightwork is designed to work in conjunction with Moodle. To connect to a Moodle site this Moodle site has to be enabled for use with Lightwork. Please check with your institution's Moodle administrator to check if this has been done.

Information for Moodle administrators on how to enable their sites for work with Lightwork is available at under the Section 'Installation of Lightwork'.

If you would like to explore Lightwork independent from your institution's Moodle site please download the newest version available at and connect to the Lightwork team's Moodle test site, which is located at

The user accounts for this test site are constructed by initial and last name, truncated to 8 characters (e.g., dlivings, trobynso) with the password 'password'. This is the same for teacher and student accounts for all courses. The data in this site is refreshed every few weeks.

Your feedback on Lightwork is welcome. We encourage you to register at and contribute to the forum discussions.

Last Update: August 2011

12:11 p.m. 7/02/2011